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If you love American history, you’ll love Coastal Virginia. Not only was this region the home of the first landing for English colonists in 1607, Coastal Virginia is home to a rich array of revolutionary and civil war history, and famous battlefields. Here you can learn about African American and Native American history. A visit to Coastal Virginia is a chance to walk in the footsteps of freedom seekers, pioneers, and heroes.

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Jamestown History
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Make your trip historic.

Coastal Virginia is home to some significant American history. Visit the site of the Battle of Great Bridge, a decisive battle in the Revolutionary War which forced the British out of Virginia, or historic Fort Norfolk, the last of the remaining 19 harbor-front forts used first, in defense during the War of 1812, and then later, during the Civil War. Admission to both is free. Another favorite is The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown which tells the story of the nation’s founding through dynamic gallery exhibits, film, and outdoor living-history.

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Yorktown Battlefield
Chesapeake Battlefield
Chesapeake Battlefield
Hampton Fort Monroe
Williamsburg Archaeologist
Jamestown settlement, a historical site in Virginia, featuring reconstructed buildings and artifacts.


Blazing a new trail.

Don’t miss our many African American Heritage Trails. These are a combination of actual sites to visit and in some cases an informative podcast that details black history through recorded oral interviews because so much of African American history was never traditionally recorded. You’ll hear from those related to the original freedom fighters, as well as individuals who are dedicated to preserving this time in history through the telling of stories. You’ll hear facts and anecdotal stories of heroism about key figures in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, to the Civil Rights Movement, the Underground Railroad, and more.

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Chesapeake AA History
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Take to the battlefields.

This area was home to some significant battles in American history. Two of the most popular are fascinating to explore. Discover the site of the last major battle in the Revolutionary War at Yorktown Battlefield, and/or tour the Great Bridge Battlefield Park, the scene of a decisive battle in the Revolutionary War which forced the British out of Virginia.

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Yorktown Battlefield
Chesapeake History
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Learn history from their perspective.

Coastal Virginia is home to a great deal of storied Native American history. Many first nations such as Chesepian, Chickahominy, Pamunkey, Accawmacke and Nottoway called this land home before we did. The Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Refuge is the only place were escaped slaves were sheltered by, and lived safely in harmony with, Native Americans.

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Suffolk Native American History
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